@INNOCENTFLOW13 – Whip Appeal EP

whip appeal

Whether you have 1,2,3,4, or even 18 wheels, Whip Appeal is the album for you! Doesn’t matter if you’re whippin’ a Benz or a Chevy, everyone has whip appeal, and after purchasing this album, having Whip Appeal will be official. Since releasing his double album Love It or Hate It, Innocent? has teamed up with Brooklyn’s own Stan Da Man to bring you this epic, old school feel, hip hop album Whip Appeal. The album features a few bonus tracks with some of hip-hop’s elites and has eye-crack visuals from Donald Robinson Cole to go along with them. Whip Appeal brings lyricism and creativity, back to a level where true emcees will have to step their game up and “come correct”. THEM Recordings only co-signs realness so make sure to check out more music and videos from Innocent? on youtube.com/itsthemrecordings and all of your digital media outlets.



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