@JuicilleJuice feat. @MCLyte – “Me And My DJ”


Straight from the Midwest, comes a young female MC by the name of Juicille who takes it back to the classics with her video, “Me And My DJ”, which features background hype from the legendary MC Lyte. Being both lyrically and melodically a breath of fresh air from the normal, this video proves to young women out there that you don’t have to bare all to be all. Juicille quotes more about the video:

“When I was a child Hip Hop was organic. It was about how black lives TRULY matter, not about stripping our little girls of the innocence they possess,” says Juicille. “This video is not only a breath of fresh air but it stands as a reality check for female MCs who rap about stripping, sex and money. Which is why I want everyone to share this video, even to your favorite rapper. This that modern day ‪‎Queen Latifah, ‪‎Lauryn Hill, and my all time favorite ‪‎MC Lyte! This video should encourage all people to follow your own dreams, not what others believe you should dream. Be real, be you! Now kick this one here for “Me & My DJ”!”

Beauty, classic hip hop style and she knows how to kick a rhyme. Personally, she is the perfect combo for #WCW, but she will get an honorable mention just for holding her own.

Respect, young lady.



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